Adding Kepi

Adding Kepi to your Discord server is very straight forward.

Go to the Kepi site homepage, click "Add", and follow the prompts.

That's all there is to it. Kepi is ready to use right out of the box.

Executing commands

Kepi used to use message commands, but it now uses slash commands.

To execute a slash command, type "/" and a list of commands will appear.

Because Discord has no command categorization yet, you can also visit the commands tab to see all commands.

There are two ways to configure Kepi. Through the discord bot, and the web dashboard.

Via the bot

Using /config by itself will show you the present keys and values of your server's configuration.

Using /config [key] will show you the value of a specific key.

Using /config [key] [value] will set a key to your desired value.

Via the web dashboard

Log in to the site through Discord OAuth, go to your dashboard and select a server that you wish to configure.

What these config keys do

levelling_system (boolean): Whether the levelling system is enabled on your server.

join_message (string): The message the bot sends when a user joins your guild.
leave_message (string): The message the bot sends when a user leaves your guild.
join_channel_id (id): The ID of the channel join messages will be sent.
leave_channel_id (id): The ID of the channel leave messages will be sent.

modlog_channel_id (id): The ID of the channel moderation logs will be sent.
modlogactions_ban (boolean): Whether user bans will be logged.
modlogactions_unban (boolean): Whether user unbans will be logged.
modlogactions_kick (boolean): Whether user kicks will be logged.
modlogactions_timeout (boolean): Whether user timeouts will be logged.
modlogactions_warn (boolean): Whether user warnings will be logged.
modlogactions_unwarn (boolean): Whether user unwarns will be logged.
modlogactions_purge (boolean): Whether message purges will be logged.

anti_nsfw (boolean): Whether Kepi will delete NSFW images in non-NSFW channels.
anti_invite (boolean): Whether Kepi will delete server invites.

server_list (boolean): Whether your server is on Kepi's opt-in server list.
server_list_description (string): The description of your server on Kepi's opt-in server list.
server_list_invite (code/url): An invite to your server that will be on Kepi's opt-in server list.


For now, only the join_message and leave_message config options have placeholder functionality.
To use a placeholder, just simply insert the placeholder name surrounded by brackets into the config value. Placeholder names are not case sensitive.

Example: Welcome to {guild_name}, {mention}!

tag: The user's full tag.
username: The user's username.
discriminator: The user's discriminator (the 4 digit number at the end of their tag).
mention: Mention the user.
id: The user's ID.
guild_name: The name of the guild.